Feel the magic coming from plants...
touch and feel the magic...
I invite you on a journey full of beautiful, plant colors, original combinations of hue, new, interesting shapes and patterns. Our travel will be smell like flower, wood and seeds. Plants will take us on a trip through Europe, Asia, America...
Are you ready to discover this way?
I will try to create it, especially for you - as unique as possible.
Sounature Plant-Dyed Goods is a new brand with accessories, which will make your stay in sauna, spa - more pleasant. Among the products yo will find a sauna caps, hammam towels, aladdin pants also knowas harem pants. Sounature is a composition of profession, passion and own ethical beliefs.
This is natural, high quality materials such as wool felt, linen, cotton... This is the magic of colors comes from dyeing plants and the uniqueness of patterns made by hand technique of dyeing fabrics, called Shibori...

Stay with me - this journey is magical!

What is the way of creating magical plant accessories?
Searching for plants
Nature offers plenty of plant dyes. Searching for them, collecting information about their properties, soaking and cooking for the right colors - these are the first steps in our journey to obtain magical effects
Collecting information about colors
The next step is to make tests on fabrics, knitwear, felt ... We can bring out different shades and even colors from one plant - depending on the mordant used and the material used. Stay tuned - this trip brings surprises!
Creating products
The result is an ethically created accessory, a unique high-quality product. It is characterized by a natural fiber, botanical color, unique pattern ... I want to create this kind of product just for you. I would like to use of the sauna, bring you even more beautiful experiences.